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  • Chromecast from Android

    I can click on the Chromecast icon in my Android FlightRadar24 app.
    It works, showing the FR24 display on my TV, but before it launches, a popup shows that "
    Chromecast shuffle mode can be enabled and disabled in the notification menu.
    When in shuffle mode, it's not possible to control the map from this unit.
    Currently map layers are not supported whilst casting"
    What is shuffle mode?

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    It's a default android mode. For when playing music that takes away the ability to go next next next

    Just click the button to say don't annoy me and use as normal.

    I expect it will do funky things like jump around the map on it's own if enabled. But a question better directed to the contact developers on the app store
    Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers