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AR view not working in iPad Air 2

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  • AR view not working in iPad Air 2

    I am relatively new to flightradar24 Pro. On my iPhone the AR view works. On my iPad Air2 when I click on AR View, the camera begins, the little map circle appears at the bottom of the screen but does not rotate as I move around and the details of what appears to be a random plane (i.e. not one in the line of sight when I switch it on but which does appear in the map circle) partially appears at the very top left. Planes do appear to be moving in the map circle.
    I have uninstalled/reinstalled,I have even done a hard reset on the iPad and then reinstalled - all to no avail.
    The compass function works on the Maps app so presumably it is not a hardware problem with the compass.
    Can anyone help?

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    Will be the accelerometer or axis sensors

    Apparently common in that model.

    Have a go at..

    "turning off Reduce Motion in Settings > General > Accessibility"
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