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Newbie to ADS-B and FlightRadar24

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  • Newbie to ADS-B and FlightRadar24

    Hi all, private helicopter owner here. I've just had a Garmin GTX345 Transponder installed and am enjoying the features of the traffic now being displayed on my iPad. The problem I am inquiring about is that I have taken two flights since the install, and all seems to be operating well flying in Canadian Class C. I recently followed a friend's journey on FlightRadar24 in his helicopter from Calgary to the Bahamas and back. The search feature of his registration on FR24 worked just fine. When I search my registration, I get nothing except "No Results". For those of you with technical experience, is there something my Avionics people should have registered or something that would make me visible on this APP? My registration has been entered in to the transponder and does appear correctly on the screen of the 345. Thanks in advance

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    It may require the HEX code from the transponder noted with the reg added to the database

    You would then find it under<reg>/

    There is a thread to do that if not already present. Just be sure to follow the layout on the first page of it so only the info that goes into the dbase is included (IE explaining in a sentence makes it less easy to work out)
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      I found the page and entered the info (as below). Hopefully this solves my problem. Thanks

      - C06475
      ICAO Type code - C-GMBC
      Type B407
      Airline / Owner - 1685237 Alberta Ltd.
      Paint code (ICAO) - Maroon/white
      Operator code (ICAO) - I
      First flight date - 2020-03-03