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Geofencing IFTTT and FR24 for PTSD? I'll pay..

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  • Geofencing IFTTT and FR24 for PTSD? I'll pay..


    I have a family member, choppers sometimes trigger his PTSD. Found FR24, and we've been having fun learning about flight patterns around town. Major airport few miles away so local news choppers cross landing commercial flight paths routinely at same spot, and fly over his new house few times a week. When he sees them coming or happens hears them far off enough, no trigger. So I got to thinking..

    What are the chances it's possible to monitor a few tail numbers, or all choppers crossing a geo-fence, and if they do IFTTT to a Wink outlet that rang pleasant little warning chime before their in ear shot.

    I looked into it, but don't code. I have an old Quirky Wink Pivot Power Genius and I'm computer-literate. Not apposed to buying other hardware or paying someone for their time. I've automated things and I know electrical, but this project is a bit over my head.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Feel free to PM me

    Thank you
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