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Incorrect destinations shown regularly

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  • Incorrect destinations shown regularly

    Over the past months flights of our aircraft PC12 SP-EMA have increasingly displayed incorrect destinations, and occasionally incorrect departure points.
    This past week every destination was wrong, often being displayed as N/A or ZRH (which was visited once recently).
    Is there something we can do about this ?

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    Use a common callsign between the same destinations and adjust each time.

    If there is not a logged regular schedule plan with the provider fr24 uses, it repeats the last known route if callsign remains same.

    ​​​​​​Most of the time that route is based on the closest major airport in the uploaders receiver range that the contact was found/lost. Or n/a if out of range.
    Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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      Thanks Oblivian.
      Unfortunately our callsign is fixed and cannot be altered for an individual flight.
      What I find strange is that this error is relatively recent for aircraft SP-EMA and barely occurs on other PC12s I fly.
      All are private aircraft and go to random destinations on random days, usually at very short notice. There is no schedule to publish.
      It is only SP-EMA based in Poland that is showing these errors, while the others (Belgium, France, UK) usually show the correct information.
      Also FR24 is not simply repeating the last known route is reporting either N/A or ZRH - which was visited last month.
      Anybody got any ideas how we can cure this ?


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        Install more receiver's closer to the ground where it lands. So it can guess where it went better.

        Honestly, if It's not an independent and logged route with their supplier it's a computer trying to work it out. Usually based on first/last contact location from ground based receivers. The accuracy depending on the number of people receiving it's signal, and how many/close to the actual location it goes

        On ground adsb for instance has a flag. It can tell excatly where on the ground. And match to an airport. In the air, it can't tell if its flying or landed if it doesnt get signal down to 0ft and onground flag

        If it doesn't know for sure. Its not available.. n/a
        Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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          Thanks Oblivian

          From Poland the destinations have been major airports in large cities so you would think there would be reasonable receiver coverage. Conversely the flights from Belgium and UK have been to obscure rural airfields yet they come up correct almost every time.

          The aircraft was last in Zurich on 27 February. We usually go there not more than once per month, if at all.

          On 17 March the system recognised our departure point as Warsaw when it picked us up climbing at 1400 ft.
          It followed us the whole route to 2 miles from the runway at Frankfurt, yet still gives a black line to destination Zurich.

          The same happened on two flights to Manchester this month.
          The system followed us almost to touchdown in Manchester but still showed us going across Europe to Zurich.

          I can understand that once the signal is lost the system will guess - and that it will choose the nearest major airport - but if it get's confused it should state N/A rather than a false and illogical alternative.


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            In which case there may be too many nearby landing locations.

            It is what it is. Much like their attempts to improve data with delayed satellite updates, not without its own faults

            Much like most here that use the same callsign and go to unknown airfields or out of range at low level. System repeats the same to/from only minutes or hours appart. Which is impossible unless a return trip is made/logged to get back to original destinations

            Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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              Indeed, it is what it is .....and it is still a clever, useful and enjoyable product.

              The errors have only recently started getting worse, so perhaps it will sort itself out over time.

              Happy landings