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Fill in the gabs in the sky.

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  • Fill in the gabs in the sky.

    First thing to say, that this web-site is very good. To watch planes fly around the world in the comfort of your home is amazing. I take it this will improve in months to come.

    There are area's where there is gabs here, where aircraft will disappear from radar for awhile and then reappear somewhere else. Are these gabs going to be filled soon? eg ( The North of France and North of Spain)... Obviously the rader don't cover all of the areas such as this yet I understand that. Also from The Canaries and South of Portugal. The aircraft I try to follow, suddenly go missing for awhile and abit later, they come back on to the radar... Will these area's but shown on radar soon? So I can watch any aircraft flying from one end to the other Airports...

    Thanks. Ian

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    Hi Ian, welcome to the forum.

    FlightRadar24 has improved massively over the last 12 months, with lots of new features being added all the time.

    The reasons aircraft don't show sometimes can depend on geographical obstructions like mountains and large buildings, which will block the signal from the aircraft to the radar feed.
    Also once an aircraft gets to far away from land the signal will also be lost.

    Mike / Speedbird
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