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No longer accurately showing my station as an ADS-B receiver

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  • No longer accurately showing my station as an ADS-B receiver

    About two weeks ago my receiver, T-KHLN1, essentially stopped appearing in the random list of receivers in the ADS-B section for an aircraft. My hardware is a Raspberry Pi with an ADS-B Dongle and the exact antenna Flightradar24 recommends running continuously since January 2019. The antenna is an attic mount but still detects transmissions over 100 miles away.
    KHLN1 would always appear in the cycle of receivers presented in that list for aircraft in my 100 mile range and often further. My observation over the last two weeks is that only those stations with a long reach now appear in that display, all the way from Canada to Idaho, for example. It's always just the same four or five stations rather than the eight to ten that would normally appear in the cycled list.
    My account/feed-stats/ page still shows the same number of hits/positions as before, so my data is being received just not being acknowledged in the ADS-B display.
    My conclusion is "Receiver code displayed is randomly chosen from all receivers currently seeing the aircraft." is not really random anymore.
    Anyone else notice this change, or have any solutions?