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Other airplanes not showing up in 3D view

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  • Other airplanes not showing up in 3D view

    Hello everyone! I'm a new subscriber, really love the app and website.

    I've been using the website as a subscriber for about a week now, and overall for more than a year. When using 3D view on any plane I could normally (up until earlier today) see nearby airplanes, their labels and trails, and switch to them via the designated button. However, for some reason, no airplanes are showing up for me now - except obviously the one I'm currently following in 3D view. The map + airports around the plane's current location are visible as normal.

    To clarify:
    • I have already checked both the airplane option "Hide other airplanes" and the 3D view option "Labels & Trails" on and off several times. Nothing changed while doing so.
    • The regular map view (outside of 3D) works just fine, I can see all the airplanes in my area.
    • I have tested this in Google Chrome and Opera browser. Both "lose" the additional planes while in 3D view. I have reloaded the website several times (F5 and Ctrl-F5) and checked several different planes for this problem.
    Is anyone else having this issue? Or am I missing something?