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Where is the flight?? History of a place at a specific time?

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  • Where is the flight?? History of a place at a specific time?

    I am FLGIR3. I am feeding from my home which is next to the airport. On the 13th I left my home to get my kid from school (at a very specific time). On my way there I noticed an airplane that seemed to had just lift off that had its gear down for longer than usual. So I drove to a location that I could monitor it for longer. It continued having his gear down and didn't seem to gain height but instead seemed to try and "go around". I thought who on earth managed to missapproach and had to do a go-around with perfect conditions, but I didn't have more time so I left to go get my kid. I was trying to find the flight today.. But according to data no flight departed or arrived at that time (or even +- 30minutes).. How can I find the flight and see the history?? I am the only station at that airport that has the ability of showing flights below 1500ft..

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    You would have to have some sort of local logging enabled to a database or similar with a 7 day rotation for instance to keep a log of stuff.

    Chances are it was below height for FR24 to lodge, or potentially an MLAT contact which would get 'seen' even less.
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      It was not a regular flight (I didn't recognize the logo , but it was a boing..) If it was an MLAT there is no chance to ever show as I am the only one capable of below 1500ft here...