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  • Filter error

    I look at the incoming traffic during xmas to northern Finland.I add filters for incomming to RVN+IVL+KTT. No problem so far! Some fligts from England just have a departure in their info so then i add a departure filter also, add out LGW/NCL/BRS or just callsign TOM, now the filter crashes! Showing nothing. Seems that you cant mix incomming & out & callsign. Just me or??

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    Try removing callsign TOM.With the filters as shown, you would need an aircraft with that callsign to match with the other filter criteria to be visible.

    In my mind, it seems each separate filter category uses OR logic but then uses AND between the different categories ( might be proven wrong ...... )



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      Just TOM works perfect just by it's own as u can see in the pic.


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        Hi. Yes - with Callsign = TOM, you see all the TOM callsigns.
        With IVL = In and RVL = In, you see all the aircraft inbound to both these airports

        When using all three filters together, you will only see the TOM aircraft inbound to the airports. Maybe there were none at the time you were looking ?

        Experiment with using the Airport IN, OUT or IN/OUT combinations.



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          All screen shots are taken within minutes from each other, so all flights was in the air. It's a bug in the filter!


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            Without more details, my guess is that the TOM aircraft in your screenshot didn’t have RVN or IVL as their destination. We can't fix that !

            Today I watched the four early morning inbound flights to IVL, KTT and RVN using the filter. When I added the TOM callsign, all aircraft were removed because none were from TUI Airways.

            I then watched the later flights depart from several UK airports. Using the IVL, KTT and RVN inbound filter, there were three TOM and one Red Nose aircraft. When I added the TOM callsign, the Red Nose flight disappeared as expected.

            What didn’t appear were two TOM flights from DSA and NCL because these didn’t have a destination in the aircraft flight data – as you originally mentioned. Adding the departure airport to capture these aircraft will increase the complexity of the filtering algorithm and reduces the number of possible matches (often to zero). Adding extra selections in the same category will expand the range but adding extra categories reduces the selection range.

            So I believe the filtering is working. Would using IVL In/Out, KTT In/Out and RVN In/Out only be sufficient for your purpose? Otherwise, you could contact FR24 Support explaining your issue and suggest an improvement.

            I can’t suggest anything else.

            Does anyone know the order of the active filtering has any influence on the result ? It doesn’t seen to …