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What has happened to DAL11 & DAL12 lately?

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  • What has happened to DAL11 & DAL12 lately?

    I have been following these flights for a few months, but since about 2 weeks ago, there has been no sign of them. They are showing on the 'Aviation Database' but not on the Radar. DAL12 - ATL to LGW, and DAL11 - LGW to ATL.

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    DAL12 was operated yesterday (12th April 2011) by N172DN which doesn't transmit positional data. It also operated it on 10th April.

    DAL11 was operated on 11th April by N1602 which doesn't transmit positional data either.

    I have another B767 on my radar at the moment, inbound Gatwick that's not displaying a flight number.

    So, in summary, not all Delta aircraft transmit positional data and some that do aren't entering a flight number. I would also guess a change of aircraft for the summer schedules.

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