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  • App for Windows Phone 7?

    Hey everyone, how awesome is this site??

    I was just wondering if there is any chance a Windows Phone 7 app will be coming out anytime or if you are open to developers who would be interested in making one... Myself and my other WP7 using friends would LOVE to have this

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

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    Yes, it will be released within about 2-3 weeks.


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      Originally posted by Mike View Post
      Yes, it will be released within about 2-3 weeks.
      BEAUTIFUL! Thanks mate!


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        Originally posted by Mike View Post
        Yes, it will be released within about 2-3 weeks.
        Any news on the app? It's been 6 weeks


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          The app is ready but it's too slow to be released and used. Sorry, but WP7 sucks


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            Sorry for bringing out the question again, but I'm really interested:
            Now that Mango update is out, any chance for relase? Because the new version is much faster.

            Thank you in advance for your answers!


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              It don't want to give more dates that we cannot keep. Sorry, but FR24 app really sucks on WP7. I have tried the app with Mango just 2 days ago, and there was no visible difference. It will be released when it sucks a bit less.


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                I'm sorry to hear that


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                  any news here? I`m considering a HTC titan, but it would suck not to get FR24 on it..


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                    The app was uploaded to Microsoft a couple of weeks ago, and is still waiting for certification. But I want to point out that the Win app is really simple, ugly and slow. We don't have a Windows Phone developer in house so this has been made be an external partner. We are not used to work this way, it takes lots of our time and the result is not good, so we have no plans to improve the app or make apps for other platforms. iOS is and will remain our focus product.

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                      Ok, thx, works nice on android though. Maybe i skip the htc an buy a galaxy note instead :-) the radar should be nice on that screen :-)


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                        Maybe you need more wp7 developers with experience, I could help.


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                          Hello Mike!

                          I found this thread.

                          So it is really slow on Dell Venue Pro with Mango. As I understand you are not really plannig to develop on this platform? It's a pitty because I was planning to buy a Nokia Lumia 900.


                          Link to app download:
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                            Having problem getting the app for my Lumia 710.

                            18 reviews
                            You can't buy apps in this region. You can check the Windows Phone Store in your home region to see if the app is available there. Check my Windows Phone Store.

                            I went there and got this comment:

                            No reviews
                            This app requires a newer version of the Windows Phone software.

                            But I have version 7.5, what is going on?


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                              This have been nice app in my Nokia Lumia 800. I have used it frequently until I found out it was not anymore updating any flight details in map. I also find out that there is no app to load for windows phone 7 anymore. There was some version but I think it's for WP8. Is this older version failing due to updated WP7 to latest WP7.8 version or is this just not supported anymore by you? It would be good to have this app still available for WP 7.8. I could even pay some Euros to have it functioning. Please give some fedback on possible reasons why not working anymore, thanks in advance.