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    hiya guys .. love this site ..just so addictive

    recently downloaded the new app for android (fantastic app) but noticed when i started watching that the planes where getting to within a few of miles of landing and then disappearing from the screen and on take off, i can hear them and see them taking off but they dont appear on screen till a few miles into the flight , is this an fault or error with the radar? can i also tell you that this is for both the north and south approach/take off and is happening on both the app and the main web based FR24

    can i also add (after reading another post) it used to show the planes landing and taking off but recently its stopped doing this
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    The flightradar website relies on a user in a particular area having an SBS box linked up to a PC and then connecting to this website. Whichever user was providing this in the Glasgow area has obviously stopped linking his SBS box to his PC and nothing is going to change until he or someone else decides to set up again. The result is the you will only see aircraft above a certain altitude when they are picked up by another users box in another location. I imagine it can be a time consuming activity setting up and maintaining this and not everyone has such time to maintain it on a full-time basis.
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      As with most property locations in the UK, the clue is location, location, location! If the SBS box is located a few miles away, it has to rely upon line of sight to 'see' ADS-B equipped aircraft. As suggested by Prospero, altitude of the aircraft being tracked is critical, for as it descends, it will disappear from our radar box coverage, or on take off, will not be logged until at some altitude! Why not get really stuck into this hobby and perhaps get your own radar box and contribute your own feeds to FR24?