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    The refresh rate is 12 seconds sine 2-3 days. If you get 20 seconds try to flush your browser cache memory, as you may have some cached files.


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      Originally posted by Mike View Post
      The adjustable refresh rate will not be back as everyone want to have as quick refresh as possible, and it only makes our development of the page more complicated. The refresh rate is now on 12 seconds.
      Why not make the refresh rate quicker if the optional hight is selected ie 0 - 5000 ft refresh 5 seconds or 2000 - 7000 ft 5 seconds.


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        Hi, I am not Mike, but
        that then needs processing time to select the data from 7000 visitors multiplyed by 1000 planes.
        That means every plane has to be compared against the filter each user has selected.
        At the end, for the transfer, that will reduce the traffic, but at the server that needs processing time. I think the server works like this.
        Perhaps a solution could be to refresh for all users the time by 5 seconds if high is lower than 3000 without selection.
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          The main problem is server requests. 7.000-10.000 users online making a request for the aircraft position file every 12 second, is almost 1000 server connections per second. With 1000 hits per second the server cannot make any filtering on server side, it has to be done on client side.

          My guess is that we will be down on 10 seconds within some days if our new server setup will be stable.


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            I agree as this site was discussed on british national radio during the volcano airport shutdown recently ,that is how discovered it