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  • New format ?

    What is Squak and why has the Orig/Dest info dissapeared?
    Also, new to this game, why did I find filth/rubbish on the chat page of what I think is a brilliant site ?

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    yes i'd also just like to add why the destination to and from info has vanished? fantastic site tho


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      Sqwark., Is the aircraft signal, that Ids it by ATC
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        Route will be back in some minutes.
        Read more about Squawk code on Wikipedia


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          Squawk Code:

          EDIT. Sorry Mike, posted before I saw yours.

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            Hi all, just wondered where the HOW OFTEN WOULD YOU LIKE AIRCRAFT TO BE UPDATED has gone


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              Originally posted by Mike View Post
              Route will be back in some minutes.
              its back now, but why is the information so different ?
              The example shows a flight in southern france.
              Where the wrong data at flightradar comes from ?

              Flight Number : DLH03X
              Company : Lufthansa AG
              ICAO Hex Code : 3C6668
              Reg Code : D-AISH
              Model : Airbus - A321-231
              Departure : MUC - Munich, Franz Josef Strauss - Germany
              Arrival : BCN - Barcelona, Transoceanico - Spain

              Callsign: DLH03X
              Flightnr: LH3
              Reg: D-AISH
              Hex: 3C6668
              Model: Airbus A321-231 (A321)
              Airline: Lufthansa
              From : Hamburg, Hamburg (HAM)
              To: Frankfurt, Main (FRA)


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                Charky, I'm new to this so checked out Radar Virtuel fpor the first time after reading your notice. First of all every time I double clicked on plane I kept getting an error message about script not running, two planes did not give me any useful info and teh third told me that it was KLM plane going from France to AMS. Given the plane ws heading off the west coast of Ireland towads the US I find this difficult to believe! Could it be that RV is a bit dodgy and FR24 is better? !!


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                  Hi, Dublin1.
                  No, I don't would't say that this happens because one software is better than the other. I feel that FR24 is a bit more comfortable.
                  The problem is where the information comes from. If that is handeled manually then somebody needs to update the flight plans (thats a lot of work).
                  If it is done automated then the source of information is perhaps outdated.
                  I am additionally using Warcars for VHF. If a flight is detected it looks into different databases and the data there seems to be correct.