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  • Brisbane to Singapore

    I'm new here and finding the site excellent, am now able to look out of window (80 miles west-ish of LHR) and know exactly where to look and what plane it will be, passing overhead.

    I flew from Heathrow to Brisbane and back a few years ago and have always wondered just where I flew over, which parts of Australia, and where the island with two volcanoes on it, was? Any ideas, info appreciated.

    I've also notice that when looking up at aircraft that appear to be about 3-5 miles away judging by the land beneath, they are in fact shown by their trac on screen to be 5 miles further north than they look.

    Judging by the screen I can also see the planes cover about eighty miles of sky from horizon to horizon with the naked eye, again more than I thought. I now also know that the cockpit radio I hear on my Yaesu FRG-9600 stretches hundreds of miles whereas I guessed it was fairly local.

    Again, Brilliant site folks, most grateful.

    I've been searching the Internet for air corridor maps over Australia and can't find any, does anyone know where I can find the route tracks taken by commercial airlines please, thanks.
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    Hi Economy.

    The volcanos you saw were the Agung volcano and the Batur volcanos on the island of Bali in Indonesia.
    The route you flew was IBUNA ROM G326 BLI W13 SIPUT A576 TI.
    If you don't have high altitude enroute aircharts and want to plot this on a map draw a line from Brisbane to Roma (a town in Queensland) then to Bali (volcanic island in Indonesia) and then to Tanjung Padan (a town in the Indonesian province of Bangka-Belitung, Indonesia) and from there your flight did it's approach into Singapore.