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Duplicate Trails

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  • Mike
    Trails are drawn based on Callsign, RYR1234 = one trail. Sometimes there is a reception error and callsign is not received by the receiver so callsign is unknown. With an unknown callsign it's not possible to draw a trail for the flight/callsign so the whole trail (8 hours) is drawn.

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  • Dublin1
    started a topic Duplicate Trails

    Duplicate Trails

    Folks, living near DUB means that many of the planes I highlight tend to be Ryanair or Aer Lingus. I am findiung on a number of occassions that two possibly three trails get presented. The trails seem to be close together so it could be one of teh following:
    1, some sort of presentation issue with the system
    2. Something with my interent (PC) connection
    3.This occurs when planes are doing short journeys and for some reason historic filight data has not timed out of teh system so I'm seeing outbound and inbound trails. If so is there any setting I can set to tune this out? or does anybody know the timeout value?

    I also appreciate that there may be genuinely peculiar flights paths in the recent days and that Ryanair are in the last throws of getting themeselves (re) organised so this may explain some things.