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  • Question Mark on Map

    Why some planes have a question mark?

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    Probably because information is missing on that plane/flight.


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      What do you mean missing? It cannot be missing especially if it is a passenger flight.



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        Sure it can, this is a website/service run by enthusiasts. Sometimes things go wrong.
        Personally, when I click on the question marks, all the information is there.
        The only thing wrong is that it doesn't show the aeroplane icon.
        That might as well just be a bug in the system, or perhaps something to do with the fact that the system is unsure in which direction the aircraft is flying in and therefore just displays a question mark.
        Or perhaps it just lost receiver/transponder contact for a while.
        There is probably a multitude of reasons why.
        This is of course just my speculation.

        Personally, I wouldn't worry too much.


        Now when I look closer, all the question marks seem to have "track: 0 degrees" (so most likely the software is unsure in which direction they're heading in, and therefore cannot display the icon in the correct direction). Any also have "callsign: error" and "comment: bad signal".
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          I see. Sometimes the question mark can be of bad signal.

          Keep it up. Good system.


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            the "?" symbol appears when the ads-b receiver temporary lose signal from an certain plane. I live at Pisa about 50km from the place shown in your print screen, as i know the receiver from this area is located at Florence, and because of the sounding mountains there area different areas and different flight levels (low FL) in which the signal from the plane can't reach to the ADSB receiver.For example over Pisa airport you can see the traffic flying at 10000 meter but you cant see the planes who are departing from Pisa airport until they reach ~3000 meters, and the planes that are landing can be seen until the descend under ~3000, because the signal around the airport is shielded by the sounding mountains.