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Radar Box 3D for Malta

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  • Radar Box 3D for Malta

    My father used to work as an ATC controller and retired about 5 years ago. I like ATC.

    I have decided to install the Radar Box 3D at my home. My home co-ordinates are N35.883612 and E 14.390765. I think my house is situated quite well on our island to receive signals.

    The only problem to install the box is that I I can only afford 25% of the price tag of 600. If I find a sponsor I will without hesitation install the box.


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    There's a new receiver , PlaneGadget Radar, ( which I believe Mike is testing (once it arrives) to see if it's compatible with FR24.
    The price for it will only be 250€.
    Fingers crossed that it works as 600€ is a big investment for the majority of people.


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      Radar 3D

      Although the PlaneGadget Radar can be a solution but the range of 120 miles is a bit short since there are no Radar Boxes in Sicily.

      Soo the Radar 3D is best option in my case.