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    There have been some very interesting types in the chat room recently. Both during the day and during the wee hours late at night.

    Anyone else noticed the so called "EasyJet Rep", a person claiming to work for EasyJet.
    He/she talks about random stuff and "breaking news", about opening and closing UK airspace every ten minutes, about free flights to Iceland and about EasyJet Northern Ireland customers.
    I don't see why EasyJet would waste money on such a guy, but hey, I'm not a business owner.
    Also the occasional spammer for other websites of various things.
    Other people who just spam random letter combinations (quite random indeed).
    People who spam nonsensical news (can be entertaining though).

    As well as thousands upon thousands of people asking the same questions i.e.
    1) Where did my plane go?
    2) Why are there no planes over Spain?

    Oh and of course people discussing the Polish presidential plane crash (in the sense of "Oh my God it's a conspiracy, put on your tin-foil hats!")

    Anyone else observe something noticeable?
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