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    Profile (stats) mistakes in myflightradar24

    I saw an strange thing in the counts of my flight in the app myflightradar24 (formerly flightdiary).

    In I have all my flights since 2012. I can count 10 flights with Delta since 2012 and 8 this year. When I go to the global stats it reflects 6 flights instead of the 10. And if I come just to 2018, I can only see 4 flights in the stats (profile), while in my list of flights there are 8 flights for delta in 2018.

    Any info about this mistake. My profile is open.,


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      Thanks for posting this Eolosbcn, and sorry for these errors Please know that we are currently aware of some small inaccuracies that are visible in the statistics page for some of our myFR24 users, and we are looking at the algorithms and the logic behind it. Our my.flightradar24 page is still a work in progress, and we are passionately working on improvements and changes regularly We are sorry for any incorrect statistics you may see, and we hope to be able to revamp the statistics page in the near future while correcting any errors.
      Any questions, feel always free to email