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Web: Disable FIR information box?

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  • Web: Disable FIR information box?

    How do I disable this annoying feature?
    When I click on the map to close an airplane tracking I have open I get this FIR box.
    When I click on the map just to select the window (when another program/window was the active one), I then get this box.
    Basically just an annoying feature.

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    Without a picture, hard to tell what you are describing.

    But by default there are no information/popup boxes.

    And if there is, there is most likely something turned on in either the Map/weather/visibility setting under the top cog
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      Attached an image as example.
      Annotation 2019-07-17 165946.png


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        And in a view I had with parts of 6 different FIR's, I got 6 diffrent FIR box's by clicking once in each FIR.

        A bit later... the feature has disappeared again. Maybe it was something under test. Hope it will never be enabled again.


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          Did you try cleaning cache and cookies of your browser?
          Is it visible on all browsers you have on your system?

          I haven't seen such a marker before