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Iberia flight codes swapped

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  • Iberia flight codes swapped

    First time posting, although I have been a user of for a few years. I am not the most intensive planespotter but I enjoy identifying flights or checking the whereabouts of family and friends in their trips. So I am thankful for all the fun I get from Flightradar24

    I have accidentally found a bug in the database and I wonder if other people have seen similar things.

    Iberia has two flights from LHR to Madrid in in the late afternoon with only 5 minutes of separation. The earliest is IB3179, departing at 18:40. It is usually scheduled to be an A319, and so it is for the next days (as can be seen in or in itself).
    The second flight, IB3167, departs daily at 18:45 and is scheduled to be an Airbus 340-600. Again you can see that in many places.

    In fact, yesterday I took flight IB3167 and it was, indeed, an A340-600. It took off at 19:16 and landed at 22:08 (all local times). But that information (aircraft type, time of take-off and landing), and the map that shows, correctly, where the plan was in Heathrow Terminal 5, and where it was parked in Madrid Terminal 4S, appears now in as if it belonged to the other flight, IB3179.

    The information that appears on IB3167 is NOT correct (neither airplane, nor timing, nor parking places in LHR and Madrid), and I assume it must correspond to the correct data for IB3179.

    The history pages show that IB3179 is scheduled to be an A319 for next 7 days, but has allegedly been an A346 for the last seven days. The opposite happens with IB3167: next seven days scheduled as A346, but past seven days shown as A319.

    This suggest that the swapping of codes happens daily for some reason. The previous information is correct, but on the day of the flights, the codes are swapped and flight info is incorrectly assigned.
    Other plane spotting webpages (I will not name names) have data from my flight yesterday correctly assigned to flight IB3167.

    I am not sure how common this type of mistake is but I am courious. And hopeful this information can help people in Flightradar24 improve their wonderful product.