TUI UK Airways is the UK based charter arm of the holiday group TUI.

The summer timetable runs from 01/05/19 to 31/10/19, and the following problems have been noted for flight numbers/alpha numerical flight numbers/departure/arrival times:-

BY7358 BHX-PMI alpha numerical flight number is TOM358
BY7359 PMI-BHX alpha numerical flight number is TOM359
BY7411 DBV-BHX alpha numerical flight number is TOM411

arrival/departure times - it appears that around 20% of all BY (TOM) flights for the summer 2019 period are showing incorrectly on FR24. TUI update their timetables around March/April 2019 and it appear that the information you are using is not the most up to date from TUI, some flight arrivals/departure times are even wrong by a staggering 7 hours!! Please can you contact TUI and get the latest/updated timetables to use as soon as possible?

Google Flight, OAG, TUI's own website and the airports websites all show the correct times, please can you now update your records?