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How Can I View Helicopters Only? And Enlarge Icons?

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  • How Can I View Helicopters Only? And Enlarge Icons?

    Hello, I am am a new subscriber and need some assistance.

    1) I would like to view helicopters only. I do not want to see any fixed wing aircraft at all. I did not see a setting or a filter to do this. Can this be done? If so, how?

    2) How can I enlarge the icon of the helicopters on the map

    Thank you for those who can answer

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    The Answer to both is pretty much you can't.

    Only filter by type of each range.

    IE b05, as50, bk17 and so on.

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      How many ICAO codes can be active at the same time?
      I added: AS50, B105, B206, B212, B412, B429
      It appears that the android app is only allowing one of the code types to be active at a time.
      I want them all to be active at the same time. Is this possible?