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New airport in Spain

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  • New airport in Spain

    Today is the last day Murcia San Javier Airport (MJV/LELC) (a shared military airbase) is operating. Tomorrow, a new airport will open just 29 km NW of it and San Javier will go back to being served exclusively by the Spanish Air Force after more than 50 years serving commercial flights.

    Construction of the new Aeropuerto Internacional de la Region de Murcia (RMU/LEMI), commonly known as Aeropuerto de Corvera, finished in 2012, but a long legal battle between the construction company and the Murcia regional government meant the opening got postponed for several years.

    It is going to be operated by Aena, the Spanish airport operator.

    The new airport appears on the FR24 website if you go directly to its webpage (/data/airports/rmu). Flights are already scheduled and appear as such on FR24.

    However, there is no airport pin on the map. It would be great if the pin could be added, and perhaps remove San Javier's pin, as it will no longer serve commercial flights.

    One final comment: the new airport appears with the name Murcia Corvera International Airport, which is not the official name. It should be renamed to Region de Murcia International Airport.

    Farewell San Javier and best wishes to Corvera!