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Site broken again after update

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  • Site broken again after update

    I see the site has been updated again as all fonts have changed in the flight history menus with large dashes instead of broken lines. Very very few of the playback links are working. Most just flash the progress circle for a split second and then do nothing else. Also the playback function doesn't work on live flights anymore. Previously you could click the button and it would show the trail which you could mouse over to see the times at certain positions but that is now broken.

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    Flight is live but you can't track its previous progress and if you refresh the link the plane disappears from the map even though it's live on the normal map.


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      Loading... There was a problem fetching your data

      When any of the plane icons is clicked on, you get this message from the left pane where the details normally are either with or without filters in the default map view on the main page.

      Perhaps the file that contains the plane details has moved.