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Complete (alternatively by region) "radar" list?

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  • Complete (alternatively by region) "radar" list?

    Hi All,

    This is my first post here. I have searched (honest!) and did not find the following, so here it goes.

    I'm considering connecting a receiver to my computer and to the "radar" network, but it occurred to first try and find if there are other receivers in my area. While searching, I found another (in Spain) user with the same question.

    Also, I found a "new radars" sticky thread that lists receivers newly added to the network. But what I *can't* find (and think it would be useful), is a current list of all receiver locations, either by region, country, or just the plain, whole list.

    A "sticky" thread with such a list would be useful. A "receivers" layer on the application would of course also be great, but that's something else altogether.

    Thanks for the great site. This is addictive!

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    it will not help

    it will no ever show the real picture , I know I use AirNav as well

    Ulf, scanhorse ...düüüse Im Sauseschritt


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      Real people not just machinery

      You are right but we are talking about real people off and on

      Ulf , scanhorse ...düüüse Im Sauseschritt


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        Yes I'm a newbie here and I've also looked for a list of stations to get some idea of the local coverage. I'm very close (approx 6 miles) from Birmingham airport and unfortunately coverage for planes close on approach / take off is not too good :-(


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          i had the same question. It would be good to have a GE overlay where the stations are, because of privacy reasons it would also help to have a coverage map that shows a impression where the stations are.



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            The COAA PlanePlotter website has "live" maps showing active sharers, predominantly SBS1 but also RadarBox users. These show current sharers and the map positions will change.

            acars planeplotter mode-s SBS1 direction finding

            In my experience there are more PP sharers at anytime than RadarBox network contributors.


            Radarspotting since 2005


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              We once had a coverage map but it wasn't possible to keep it up to date so it was removed. The main reason is that about 40% of coverage comes from the SBS-1 network called NET2. I don't have the positions of users connected to that network. Another reason is that not all radars are online 100%. Moscow is online for 2 days, offline 3 weeks. Palma de Mallorca is online for 2 days, offline for 1 day. Rome is online for 6 hours, offline for 2 hours. Nuremberg is online for 1 day, offline for 3 weeks. In Prague there are 4 radars, all with different coverage, and online on different times. On Ireland there are 4 radars and almost never any online. Some radars disconnect, some radars move. That makes it impossible the draw a good map. Actually you can look at the map for 5 minutes daytime and see easily where coverage is good, where it's bad and where it's missing.


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                Hi Mike, just to improve my understanding on things, is NET2 something that is under your control i.e. is it something particular to FR24 or is it a generic RADAR network that other radar display sites are able to tap into? Are the individual radar sites able to send their feed information to more than one radar data aggregation network/server or do they have to choose just one? Are you able to identify the individual sources of the feeds into NET2 i.e. does each site include a unique id with the data it sends or is it literally only the data sent from the planes that is received so it just looks like one receiver with a massive antenna array spanning multiple countries?


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                  NET2 is a network of SBS-1 users. I actually don't know anything about the network and I'm not able to identify individual radars, just "one big receiver".