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Intermittent uptime with strange pattern

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  • Intermittent uptime with strange pattern

    I am having an UPTIME issue, which I could not immediately find back on the forum.
    My apologies in case I overlooked it, I am new to the FR24 forum.

    Last week, I bought a PiAware Aircraft Tracking Kit, with PiAware v3.6.2 pre-installed.
    First, I made sure to get this kit in operation succesfully.
    After some initial start-up issues, I am now providing a constant data feed to FlightAware since last Fri (25 Oct).

    Next, on Sat (26 Oct) I continued with the process to feed data to FR24, so I logged in on my Raspberry Pi and executed the ssh command as instructed on the FR24 website
    This resulted in obtaining a radar number (T-EHVK79) and sharing key from FR24 and my radar statistics page on FR24 website show that I am online.
    However, for whatever reason the statistics page shows a strange pattern: approx. 15 hrs of UPTIME, followed by approx. 24 hrs of mainly DOWNTIME, with only a couple of minutes UPTIME every half hour or so during this DOWNTIME period (see screenshot). Then, 15 hrs of UPTIME again, etc ...

    Any ideas what might be causing this strange pattern and, more importantly, how this can be fixed into 100% uptime?



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    Not alone

    Theres a req there to send diag logs to FRsupport
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      Following Oblivian's suggestion, I sent my diag logs to FR24support.
      Muazzam of FR24 quickly replied and suggested the following:

      - add the following two parameters to /etc/fr24feed.ini
      - restart your Pi and see if this helps.

      EUREKA, it did help for me!
      I hope adding these two parameters to fr24feed.ini will be of help to other users as well if they are struggling with the same issue.

      Thanks again to Oblivian and to Muazzam of FR24, for their support!