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  • Planes on ground

    Is there an explanation for why planes on the ground have such spotty coverage. I'm assuming it has to do with a combination of factors including coverage near the airport, old aircraft without ADS-B, buildings blocking receivers, etc?

    For example, look at LAX. It would appear that there is good coverage on the south half of the field, but not the north. Would that indicate a receiver south of the field with a clear line of site to aircraft on the south, but when they go to the other side of the terminal, the terminal building blocks the signal?

    Is there any way to determine where the receivers are located near an airport? It would be useful for figuring out where additional receiver(s) would be best placed for better ground coverage.

    Also, will satellite-based receivers fix this in the future? Or will they only be used for areas not covered by ground stations?


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    There are also 2 antennas on commercial AC for transmitting. One of them underneath. So when that's in action, any close receivers have even more of a hard time. Likewise when moving slowly you are at the mercy of gps drift.

    It's totally LoS so basically need to be housed on the corner of the terminal to work well. Everything else gets messed up by GPS every couple of successful packets.

    Check out Auckland, New Zealand to see how they dance around when near the terminal.

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      Thanks. That makes sense.