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Map drawing errors suddenly started - Windows Phone 10

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  • Map drawing errors suddenly started - Windows Phone 10

    Hi. I signed up for a gold account on 8th July 2018 and since then have been using Flightradar24 without issue any issues on Windows 7/Windows 10 PCs and a Windows Phone 10.

    About 3 weeks ago, I started to get an issue on the phone only in that when I start the web page the map fails to initialise. If I then select a bookmark, the map loads but then jumps to the right leaving a black vertical stripe on the LHS of the display. If I pan the map eastwards, it is OK and refreshes to fill the screen but if I pan westwards the stripe reappears and that part of the map does not refresh.

    If I go into settings and reset to defaults, it starts working OK again but, 1) I cannot scroll the setting page and 2) if I alter any of the settings I can get to, the problem comes back again.

    I have noticed that if I use the site while logged out everything, is OK. I have tried using an alternate browser on the Windows Phone - same problem. I have tried Edge, IE, Chrome and Firefox on the PCs. All OK.

    I am unsure whether this issue is with the website now not working on Windows Phone 10 for some reason or if my profile and stored settings are somehow corrupted. Is there any way this can be fully reset to initial state to find out if it is that?

    All other apps on the phone are working normally.

    This issue is making the app almost unusable on my phone so any help would be appreciated.