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Getting logged out for no reason.

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  • Getting logged out for no reason.

    I do not appreciate being automatically logged out of FR24 in the middle of a session.I am a Silver member and find it damned annoying.Why is this happening please?

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    Do you have more than 3 devices/browsers/people using your account?

    It will always log out one when a 4th is added.

    Other than that, the other thing to cause it is privacy/adblockers who don't let the session time (or logged in so don't drop session time) be updated correctly
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      No more than 2 at a time (PC and tablet).This just happened out of the blue.It has happened before but not for a while.Its just that it interrupted one of my very few lengthy sessions when theres no kids around and the good lady is catching up on her soaps.LOL No big deal but it was annoying.Thanx for your reply.


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        It happens to me as well and I only use the 1 device. The annoying thing is that it wipes my time settings from 24 hour clock back to 12 hour clock and I have to change it back every time.