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  • What happened to chat?

    Hello everyone, been away from FR24 for a while, came back and noticed the Chat is no longer working and has not for the past 2 weeks or so. Has this feature been removed? I tried doing a search on said issue but could not find any news or info regarding the chat. I apologize if this has been spoken about before.

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    It was taking up server space/software licencing and largely being abused. So disbanded
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      Oh thats unfortunate, thank you for the quick response though.


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        I suspect if so many people weren't responded to rather timely here and their issues be fixed by the general population the forums would also be on the chopping block.
        Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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          Yea I imagine.

          I've seen my share of forums die fairly quickly that way.


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            It was closed down because of GDPR. It would be too much work to keep it GDPR compliant.


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              Hi Serge, after FR24 discontinued its chat room, several former members and moderators set up a new, similar chat room with the help of a Swedish member. You can find the URL and more details here:
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                After FR24 closed its chatroom, a group of former members set up a new chatroom with improved community guidelines aimed at creating a safe, respectful and pleasant environment for aviation enthusiasts. It's a place where regulars of the former FR24's chat meet again and welcome new vistors.
                It has many interesting features, like you can listen to live ATC (or music) in the chat, or live stream video (eg from a webcam), there are quiz questions, News items, and new features are added regularly.
                Feel free to come and have a look, participate, or just sit back and relax or listen to live ATC, at
      , your new family of aviation enthusiasts
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