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Some flights not showing history

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  • Some flights not showing history

    Hi all.

    I have the following problem, I use to look for an specific flight in order to watch the history of planes assigned, no matter the flight is "in the air" or not I could see the last 7 days of planes under that callsign.

    Now when I'm look for a flight that is not "in the air" at the moment of the search both the iOS app and the web says "No flights were found matching your search criteria".

    For example, if I know try a search of EK143 (well known fly from DXB-MAD) it says there is no flight matching that criteria, if I search EK144 that is currently on air I can see the current flight and the 7 days history.

    Any help with this? Is this an error or a change in the app and web behavior?


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    Looks like the search function is broken.

    Bookmark this and change the callsign as required
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      I have the same problem!

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