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    Hello people! Sorry for the delayed response
    In response to your posts, please note that there was a full screen option with a white square icon (as in the picture in this post) on the top right corner of the screen. This wasn't a feature developed by Flightradar24, but rather an option included with Google Maps (and visible since Flightradar24 uses Google Maps as part of the website). However, we have been made aware of some compatibility issues with this feature included by default, and after a few complaints (since we already have a fullscreen feature) we decided to deactivate this icon to avoid any issues or compatibility problems.
    Although this may become available again in the future, I'm afraid it will remain deactivated for the time being
    I hope this helps!


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      And there you have it...I knew I saw something.Anyway I liked it. Thanx for clearing that up JuanFR24.


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        Hello JuanFR24,

        Thanks for that information.

        I am wondering about the possibility of having that full screen option via the white square restored for mobile devices only, like Android phones? Given the size of a smartphone screen, the bigger you can make the map the better. The loss of that ability to go full screen on my smartphone is something that I really miss now that it's gone. I never experienced any problems using it on Android with the Chrome browser.


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          We understand the interest, and we do thank you for the feedback. Please note that in this case this has been disabled after we experienced some issues, but we may be able to add this functionality again once our team is able to correct the problems that were raised to us. Unfortunately we can't confirm when this will happen or if we'll be able to, but know that I have passed these comments to our developers so they are aware there is an active interest in having this functionality back in the app and if possible the website too.
          We are sorry again for any disappointment this may have caused! If you have any specific questions about all this (or anything else), feel free to also email