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Small issue with "Animate aircraft"

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  • Small issue with "Animate aircraft"


    When I disable "Animate aircraft" it comes back on again after a while. The switch is still "off", but after a while the aircrafts become animated again. I have to change the switch to "on" and "off" again, to disable animation.
    I've tried it with two browsers (firefox and chrome), so i think the error is not between screen and chair.

    Kind regards and happy holidays

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    To reproduce:
    Open a tab with, set "Animate aircraft" to disabled.
    Open a second tab with
    On the first tab the Aircrafts are animated again.

    Tested with Chrome 64 and Firefox 58.


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      I haven't been able to diable 'Animate Aircraft' in either browser, on Linux, in over two years. As a result I can't leave FR24 open for more than a few minutes since it starts spinning-up the fans in my laptop.

      I do wish they'd look into it.


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        I'm also using linux, if that matters.


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          Because the default settings loaded for the page are 'on'. They 'sleep' when tab is not active, And I don't believe its possible to have separate settings for separate tabs when they load the same data files/cookies...

          It's just changing a part of the query line for the javascript being used to display icons to make animate=1 from 0

          This shouldn't be doing any strange browser/memory leaks unless there is something else monitoring for them that is causing a loop (often ad blockers killing .js). Developertools can be used to work out what.
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            The parameters for feed.js stay the same, but there is no animate parameter, neither before nor after:



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              Theres a separate one running. I Can't find where I saw the changes but it refreshed each time the toggle was made. Possibly the js_new.js

              Which appeared to reaload the view each time the toggle change was triggered. Figure it happens the same the moment you reload the page and goes back to default

              Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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                So, what am I supposed to do now?


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                  Can you fix this please.


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                    This still isn't solved.