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Using FR24 App on Chomebook Pixelbook

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  • Using FR24 App on Chomebook Pixelbook

    I bought the new Google Pixelbook 2, which is a Chromebook, a laptop running Chrome OS, and I'm wondering if anyone has been able to get the FR Android app to run on a Chromebook. Many other apps work great on my Pixelbook, such as Amazon and Netflix, other smaller apps work fine too, they just open in a small screen the size of a phone window, which isn't great but they can still work, LiveATC is an example of an app that works fine, there's just a lot of wasted screen. However FR24 is a disaster. Won't work at all. It opens full screen, but it's just a white screen. Can't see anything. Has anyone else tried this app on a Chrome OS laptop? This would be an amazing app to get working but I'm gutted to find out it won't. Looking forward to any user experience to make sure it's not an issue with my Pixelbook Chromebook.

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    I'm sorry for the issues experienced using our app with Chrome OS! Unfortunately the app is currently not being developed for this operating system and we can't promise its compatibility, although we may look into adding this in the future. In the meantime we encourage you to access our site directly using an internet browser in your Google Pixelbook2, as you can still see all our current features and info shown in the app (and more). We are also continuously working into making our main website more mobile friendly so hopefully that will help! Keep an eye in future releases for more updates


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      I have been running the Android app on a Pixel 2015 for almost a year and it works great.