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Bug on reboot or shutdown

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  • Bug on reboot or shutdown

    I run T-LIMW3 radar, and I observed that sometime the memory card get corrupted:
    near always when the power is disconnected;
    sometime also after a reboot command is issued.

    Last time I do a reboot from SSH when I was not on site, and the Raspberry PI does not restarted.
    When some days later I was on site, I had to copy the software (I observed this bug also some time ago and I have an image of the configured and installed software) again in the MicroSD to be able to restart the PI.

    I hope to get this fixed (perhaps the software write something in MicroSD?).


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    If you have logging on, disable it. The card will be being filled and unusable if the recycle is failing (known to do for a while)

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      Thank you, but I have logging disabled.
      Not always the card get corrupted when power go off: on test unit sometime I shutdown removing power and was able to stat again; in the last occurrence I just issued a "Sudo reboot" command via SSH and the system never rebooted.