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How often is position data updated?

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  • How often is position data updated?

    ADS-B out transmits position data once per second. When I download a .kml or .csv file for a flight the data is in different intervals. The majority of them are 6-10 seconds apart. Sometimes the gap can be over a minute or even more. I’m talking about points that are well within the coverage area, coming from the same feed. Obviously the system is not keeping data from every ads-b transmission, I’m assuming to reduce bandwidth or server space, but the gaps seem very random. What determines how often the position updates are fed to the system or kept on the server, and why are they so irregular?

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    All receivers are uploading ADS-B data once per 4-5 seconds I think. MLAT data is uploaded continuously. Data from all sources is merged and the data feed for web and apps is updated every 8 second.