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Can no longer track any flight to and from my airport

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  • Can no longer track any flight to and from my airport

    I've applied for a free FR24 receiver as coverage of the nearest airport seems to be poor or non-existent, but this post is not about my application per se. Up until several days ago, I could track all flights to and from 'my' airport. It was after the planes descended below several thousand feet that tracking became steadily worse.

    Now I cannot see any flight coming to the airport at any time at all, whether they'd just left the origin city or are at cruising altitude. The airport is the only one in my state which is quite small - about the size of Israel. What makes the situation even more puzzling is that I can still see flights to and from neighbouring states and overflying international flights. It's has if our flights have been intentionally blocked.

    Can anyone offer an explanation?

    P.S.: Just now, before clicking the Submit button, I opened the FR24 page again and saw one flight that had just taken off from the origin airport some 300 miles away. This is the first time in a few days that I've been able to see a flight associated with my airport. There were two earlier flights today that didn't show at all.

    Update: The flight disappeared while circling the airport, doing 235 kt at 6000 ft. Now I see another flight just crossing the state border from a different airport. Let's see what happens.

    Update 2: The second flight disappeared too while circling at 7050 ft doing 207 kts. There's another flight coming now at 11000 ft.

    That one too stopped tracking after 6325 ft.
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    A good start to understand how Flightradar24 and coverage works is to read