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    Well, we have new style airport pins this morning. I'm sure the teardrop is much more attractive than the previous roundel to a graphic designer or programmer but the fact is it takes up more space on a crowed screen and offers no additional functionality that I can perceive. Why?

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    Agreed. Now have to unnecessarily zoom in further to see the planes at busy airports because of the huge icon. What was wrong with the small pins? And yes I know I can turn them off but that means that all the other pins disappear as well which I want to keep.


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      I agree with you gentlemen. Unless there's something related to functional aspects, I'd keep the old style.
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        Please......keep the old pins. The were more functional and not intrusive like these big ugly ones!


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          New airport pins on web are same as in the apps and they are flat design just like the rest of the web page. We understand that some people don't care about design, but we want our design to be up to date, which means that whole web page is being adjusted to flat design (in opposite to previous 3D icons) which is more or less standard since 2-3 years, and we also want to have same design where possible between different platforms.