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  • Unidentified hex codes

    43EBC6 with callsign 2KKZE at 0619z 7 July near CCU heading SE at FL330. May be a Fokker 70. Appears to have departed Gaya (GAY).

    All doing loops north of HYD between 7000-9000ft, no callsigns, same time/date.

    Out of CNX heading south at FL150, 5500 in callsign box. 7 July 0625z.

    Near Bangkok same time/date are
    88CC11 callsign HSLLQ under 500ft.
    88052D callsign AET03, 4000ft, dep VTSS.
    881BE8 circles to the west of BKK, 8000ft, no callsign.
    8822C6 callsign TA11, 6000ft in middle of sea between Thailand mainland and peninsular.

    SE of ZSJN is 7AAC7F at FL230 heading SW. 7 July 0635z.

    East side of Taiwan is 758001 at FL280 heading south, no callsign. 7 July 0635z.

    West side of Taiwan is 899181 at FL150 heading to Taiwan from China, no callsign.

    West of Ujung Pandang is 8A2404 at FL390 heading west with callsign PKTVO. 0642Z

    Operating between WAHQ and WAHH are :
    8A0422 reg LD1407, callsign J838, no other details. Low level.
    8A042D reg LD1218, callsign J860, no other details. Low level.
    8A0560 callsign J674, no other details. Low level.

    7C2B1D north out of PER, 4000ft, callsign ISV. 0651Z

    8A05CD east of Jakarta at FL330 no callsign. 0654Z

    8A066E callsign PKPDA landing at WIBB 0655Z.

    750182/3/4 on ground at KUL, appear to be ground vehicles but showing as planes.
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