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Unknown hex codes thread?

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  • Unknown hex codes thread?

    Well I posted this in another thread and it got instantly deleted. WTF?

    Attempt 2 :

    I often see unidentified planes when scrolling around the map which I'm sure the sleuths could fairly easily identify, match details up to and post to the 'new additions to the db' thread. Of course, the immediate response to that would be "well why don't you ID them and post them yourself?", which would be a fair point, but I'm sure I'm not alone in only being interested in certain aircraft types and frankly can't be bothered wasting my valuable time trying to find the correct details so that 40612 doesn't jump on me for forgetting to add the dot at the top of my 'i'.

    Do the mods think there would be merit adding an "unidentified hex codes" thread in the database sub-forum for people to post details of the code seen, location, time, date, height, any callsign etc so that the sleuths can ID them and subsequently post them to the 'new additions' thread with full details?

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    Not deleted, moderated.

    You used @ and the antispam triggered

    I think by the sheer number of update posts within minutes of each other thats possibly what Nomad does at present?

    I keep my nose out of the dbase forum other than to make sure people are civil since I don't partake in the actual updating myself

    Do recall seeing an 'unknown' thread some time ago where the question was asked of a couple of queries. But I think its gone way down the list due to no regular updates.

    /edit actually on reflection. We made the suggestions sub area mod-post only which may have triggered it

    So that the existing ones would be built on to keep it collated and not new ones
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      OK so do I take from that that you have no objections to such a thread? Nomad's posts are actual tie-ups with all the details. He clearly researches the hex codes to find out all the info about them. That's something I - and I expect most others - don't have the time nor desire to do, hence the idea of thread to post snippets seen on the map and let the "experts" do their magic. I'm an "expect" on hex codes for anything Boeing new-build related but that's about where my interest ends.

      If you have no objections please create a sticky thread for us in the database sub-forum and I'll make a start with some I've noted recently.