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  • FR24 Feature Ideas and FR24 Future Potential Ideas

    I see a LOT of potential at FR24. Business wisdom says to do what others aren't doing. There are things your competitors are doing, and FR24 can do it better while doing things with airport and airline information that your competitors aren't doing. Here are some ideas!

    Over at FlightAware, you can get gate information for free, whereas FR24 doesn't seem to currently offer gate info. FR24 could easily compete with and beat FlightAware by adding certain gate information for free as FlightAware does, but then also offer a 180 day and 365 day gate history for inbound and outbound flights, with users being able to look up flights by Gate, Gate & Date, Gate & Time for each individual day, Gate and Flight Number for tracking how many times a certain flight boarded at or departed from a specific gate at each airport. Being able to know about gate changes would be a great feature as well! Especially for the traveling public! In my experience as a former airport worker, I know that airlines don't always inform passengers of gate changes. If FR24 had that info, the public could easily say "Oh, I've been sitting at my gate for x amount of time, and there's no one here, no gate information is available, no announcement has been made, so let me go to FR24 because I know they'll have it!"

    Airlines would line-up to partner with FR24 because this would take a load off of them in instances where they fail to inform passengers for any reason. Picture this in an ad! "American Airlines has partnered with FlightRadar24 to give our valuable traveling public real-time information that we know our passengers want!" Baggage carousel info wouldn't be a bad idea. TSA has sucked for a long time when it comes to publishing security line wait times at major airports. Getting that info would be helpful, and what if the public knew about how congested and busy airport traffic and concourse foot traffic is from hour to hour, or intervals of 30, 45, and 60 minutes?

    Along with this, FR24, would you please look into a database whereby users could look up taxiway and runway information? Using your current storage of data, would it be possible to see flight histories by taxiway and runway if users didn't know the flight number? Maybe taxiway and runway construction data? If users wanted to see what flights crossed over or near specific waypoints, ODA, or RNAV points / intersections. You already have a "flights nearby" feature, but having a look - up by using these points or by coordinates known by a user who tracked previous flights if they lose the flight information but maybe have the coordinates, that's a great way to find a flight.

    FR24 might be thinking, "ok, these are great things to offer, but how do we do it so it's cost effective?" "All that data, and maintaining the data costs money! We have to pay people to do all this" These are the main, bottom-line considerations! FR 24 needs to profit from making such an investment. FR24 could further revolutionize the airline travel information business as they expand to offer new airline travel information categories while keeping membership subscription costs relatively reasonable as they are now, and still making a profit from that when coupled with business partnerships with major airline carriers and their subsidiaries.

    FR24 could act on a contract basis as a "back-up blackbox", an exclusive service offered to major airlines and corporate aviation business travel companies.

    FR24 could Sell a "status board" service to the public. If people could see airline fight status other than just "on-time" or "delayed", there's extra profit to be made there. Airlines could buy contracts with FR24 for this. Many times, passengers aren't even looking at the status boards at the airport, they're busy paying attention to their mobile devices or tablets.

    If airlines carried ads for FR24 in their on-board magazines, and other strategic places in-flight and in the airports, and if FR24 were to offer varying levels of information services to airlines, adding airline advertising to the free subscriber screens.

    Adding premium membership benefits for those who can verify themselves as current or past airline crew members, FAA controllers, airline ground crew, contract special services employees, airport maintenance crews, Airport / Airline Security & Safety (including contract security), Airport & Airline Food Services, Airport / Airline Service Vendors, Travel Agents, and other relevant airline & airport workers. Doing this could mean FR24 would become the "Facebook" of the commercial airline travel industry. Facebook already has "Facebook For The Workplace", why shouldn't the commercial aviation business have something similar? FR24 may be able to gain extra profit there by creatively marketing to these business bodies and their current / past employees.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. Our focus on Flightradar24 today is to produce own and independent data. There are many sources for different type of aviation data and every data source that we have bought access to shows up to contain a lot of bad data. We already today have some gate data but we prefer to not show it as when we show incorrect data people just blame us for the errors "Don't trust FR24, they always have bad data". Our focus today is ADS-B tracking as this is data that we can produce and verify ourselves.


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      To simply not offer gate data because you don't want FlightRadar24 to be blame shouldn't be a way to look at things as a company, here's an idea on how to overcome that obstacle, make it so Premium FlightRadar24 members can give feedback and update incorrect flight data. I myself would sit and correct gate data, just so it could be offered to the public.


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        Originally posted by Magicskid View Post
        To simply not offer gate data because you don't want FlightRadar24 to be blame shouldn't be a way to look at things as a company, here's an idea on how to overcome that obstacle, make it so Premium FlightRadar24 members can give feedback and update incorrect flight data. I myself would sit and correct gate data, just so it could be offered to the public.
        No flight tracker, indeed no computer application, is going to give everyone everything they want. Mike says that FR24's focus is on ADS-B data that they process in-house and I'd suggest that the product, in this respect, has no equal. Neither is there any better graphical presentation. In terms of data, there are lots of errors and omissions in every available source including FR24 but if you know your away around these sources you can often find out what you want to know.


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          It would be cool to have an option were I can select to view flights on the map that are only related to a specific airport. Like a map view for the airport (and not a specific flight). All other fligts are not viewed. Cool to have the overview what "my" airport have for operations going on tight now. Hope you understand. You have all the necessary data so I guess it is not impossible