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Look-up airports at a historic date?

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  • Look-up airports at a historic date?

    Hi all,

    Is it possible to look-up airports at a historic date? In example I would like to view all departures and arrivals at Copenhagen Airport (CPH) on January 15th.
    Right now, it seems like I can only search for historic flights, but not get an overview of an airline at a specific dates.

    Thank you!

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    Sorry, that is not available today.


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      I'd like to second johant's suggestion for this feature. If FR24 made limited details available for free members as an incentive to buy a Gold or Business membership, this would be a great way to do things! Gold & Business members would have full access to all historical details. As an extra suggestion, existing Gold & Business members would be able to look up flight histories in their existing privilege levels from that date in history. So, let's say, for example: the 2nd of October 1982 or 1974 was a historical date in aviation history, Gold and Business members would be able to look - up flights 180 and 365 days PRIOR to that historical date and then all dates FORWARD from that date into the current day. That is IF that information is even available. What do we know about how far back airline flight and operations histories go?

      Edit: Maybe FR24 could make a profit from selling extra access to data from the historical date forward and cut off access to that data according to existing subscriber privilege level. I'm not sure how a database like that would work.
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        Originally posted by Mike View Post
        Sorry, that is not available today.
        Is this likely to become available?


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          Historic data for airports is not likely to be introduced in the public version of the web page. But this kind of data can now be bought from our business team.