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    Good evening, good morning, and good afternoon to all from Chicago!

    Since this is related to FR24, I hope this is being put in the right place. I just started using FR24 pretty regularly since buying a Gold membership, and for the first time last night, I went into the FR24 English chat room. I met two of the nicest people and one of them said to me that there are usually very few people in there, and I guess there's some occasional drama, per the user I spoke with in there.

    We have such a great chance to connect with each other and enjoy this marvel of technology that allows us to stay close to the thing we love most, aviation! My first forum post was responded to by a rather kind user who was very helpful. So far, I see a lot of great people here who can teach what they know to others. I think the chat room is a great place to do that while also having fun and enjoy FR24 together.

    Last night, I was advised by a chat room user that there are sometimes some communication issues because not everyone speaks English. That's a great point to make! If anyone here doesn't speak English and wants some help, or wants to practice in the chat room, I'm more than willing to accommodate you! I'm really patient and I love speaking to people from all over!

    I also have a minor complaint.....a lot of times, I've noticed that I'm only inconsistently getting some pieces of data about whatever flights I decide to track. The pieces of data that tend to be missing are: True Airspeed, Indicated Airspeed, Mach, Wind, and Temperature. Anyone else notice this?