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Issues with Crome browser live view? (Stuck aircraft icons)

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  • Issues with Crome browser live view? (Stuck aircraft icons)

    Whenever I look at the live view of the map, the aircraft icons sometimes seems to be offset, but always stuck in the same location.
    The traveled path gets updated, which makes a long line back to where ever the aircraft was when the page was initially loaded.

    This works fine using IE, and I've not tried it in Firefox.

    I uploaded a quick video of what happens with Chrome to the right and IE to the left of the screen
    On youtube; xtgzifw5Dyw (*edit* Seems that I've not posted enough on the fourm, so I cant post direct links yet..)

    Win 10, 64 bit
    Chrome Version 57.0.2987.133
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    It's been buggy like that for as long as I can remember. That plane will probably be MLATing as well which will be partly the reason for the sporadic track, but I've learnt from experience that repositioning or dragging the map yourself causes a whole world of problems as the plane positions try to update and you get that kind of thing happen.


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      Google released Chrome 57 in March that drastically reduces the CPU usage of background tabs.
      You should keep the FR24 tab in focus for best performance.


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        The flighticon is stuck regardless of the tab beeing in focus or not, it's just more lagged when not in focus
        I'll just have to use IE to keep an eye on the map then