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Webpage Minor rollout changes noted March 2017

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  • Webpage Minor rollout changes noted March 2017

    Remembering I'm just observant user like most and not an employee so can't speak for a full changelog...

    But looks like there has been some subtle changes to the web side of things rolled out today that people will be waking to as the Roosters start to crow

    Statistics looks like it has had a small re-vamp with the move to bar graphs from histogram for Contacts Reported.

    Locations also changed if you used bookmarks previously:

    Click your subscription type (or login area) and once logged in
    "My Data Sharing"
    Where you will find registered feeds and be able to choose statistics for each,
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    No roosters crowing here - it's too darned cold and still night-time.
    Just spotted the changes when I checked-in. They are a wonderful addition to help to visualize performance and the results of any system changes.
    Thanks for the improvements !!!

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      There was an update released yesterday European time. No big changes to the tracking but some changes to the account pages, feeder stats and improvements on mobile units. Some more changes are expected in the following weeks while we prepare the release of our new and completely refactored apps.

      BTW, last week there was also a small update to MLAT calculations and the use of RPi MLAT data, and we have seen an increase in MLAT traffic by about 10-15%. There are more MLAT updates planned to further increase MLAT coverage.


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        It would be good if we could get access to an extra days stats, this would be easier to compare say monday of this week with the previous mondays.
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          Thanks Mike.

          I thought I noticed MLAT around me lower today. Great to see over time the increase of MLAT due to better understanding and use of the RPi.


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            Mike, did the plane ID tag ghosting in playback get fixed? I haven't noticed it recently. I posted a thread about it some days ago but not response was ever forthcoming.

            Email alerts stopped working during all yesterday for me - I raised a ticket about it and Caroline replied saying that they're broken and should be fixed at some point. I have received a couple of email alerts today so looks like some progress is being made there.

            The new account panel all seems to be working okay for me on W8.1 and Chrome.


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              If you're tweaking the changes could you put the vertical hour lines back in bold on the feed-stats/Daily availability chart - as they were before? Much easier to register for a slow brain.

              I also agree with Lincolnshire Poacher on adding the eighth day - living in a military training zone commercial overflying can be in the hundreds at weekends but tens when the TTA is active in the week - probably the same in Lincolnshire. Nine days even better!