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  • Question for site owner or Mike


    My main contribution here is posting the hex codes for the new Boeing's flying at Seattle and Charleston. The Chinese ones are often quite late in receiving their registration allocations so while the frame details and airline can all be tied up to a hex code, the registration field is missing until it is known. I posted some details last week of a new Xiamen Air on hex 781114 which was added to the database and showed up when it made a few test flights will all the fields populated except the reg which was "n/a". I was able to find out the registration yesterday and posted it here. It has been added and now shows under this link but what has happened to all the earlier test flights it made as they are not showing in the list? If the old flights are not going to populate once the registration is known, then I see no point posting the tie-ups sans registration in advance and it would be better just to leave the viewers guessing. Is this expected behaviour or a glitch of some sort? Can anything be done to fix it?

    In some cases where the registration cannot be sourced before it leaves on delivery you would not be able to track the plane on its flight to its home base as there is no apparent way to search by hex code or msn. I see this as a bit of a flaw in the system but perhaps there are some technical reasons why it's not possible to add a registration to an old flight and have it appear in the flight history for that reg?



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    The aircraft history is for different technical reasons a history of the registration and not the hex-code.


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      OK, so no point sending the frame tie-up and other details in for listing until the reg is known as it just wipes all previous history.