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    Just a quick question, I have been following a flight from Manchester to CDG (BE3123) as we are due to take this flight shortly for a connection to Saint Martin. We have just over an hour to make the connection at CDG. I know CDG quite well and if BE3123 is on time I think we can just make it. The thing is, I have been following the BE3123 and for some reason it is now taking another course and appears to be landing at Hanover on the map and not CDG. I am at a loss to what is going one here. Can anyone cast any light as to what maybe happening? Having checked the landing times at CDG all seams fine, just the flight radar track show something else.
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    If I'm looking at the correct flight, BE3123 has an STA of 8:20 am at CGD? And today it landed at 7:45 AM. Why would you be seeing it "now taking another course"? Do you have a screenshot?

    By the way, I wish you the best of luck making your connecting flight. Not something I'd be wanting to risk.

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      Thanks Mike, Yeah, we have done this trip quite a few times now, and always took the earlier Flybe flight half an hour earlier. For some reason when we booked this year they allocated us the later flight. I know CDG quite well, up the stairs and on the train for 2 stops and a 1/4 mile to the gate. So hopefully we will make it. If 2023 land early we will be ok.
      Just rang Air France and they want 677 to change to the flight 35 minutes earlier. Thats not going to happen.
      I will try and get a screenshot in the morning if I can. When it takes off it flys north now, and then east tracking just to the south of Doncaster and over the wash and over the north sea. usually it flys directly south over London and over the channel to CDG.